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Integration begins with language: German courses sponsored by the BAMF.

German courses/integration courses from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

In inlingua German courses, participants learn step by step to express themselves confidently in German with the fluency they desire. The following skills are trained:

  • oral expression
  • listening comprehension
  • reading comprehension
  • writing skills
  • Exam preparation DTZ

Participants / Target group

Anyone who wants to learn the German language can attend an integration course.

  • All new immigrants are entitled to an integration course.
  • Foreigners who have lived here longer can be admitted to the integration course upon application.
  • EU citizens
  • Self-payers who are not eligible for funding.

The course system

  • The courses are modular, i.e. 7 modules of 100 teaching hours each. The duration of a course is therefore around 7 months.
  • At the end of the first 600 lessons, the DTZ test (German Test for Immigrants) is taken; the learning target is B1 according to the European Framework of Reference.
  • If the course goal B1 is not reached, an additional 300 hours of advanced course can be applied for.
  • After the 600 hours of German lessons, there is a 100-hour orientation course, which is also part of the integration course. The course contents are German culture, legal system, history and politics.
  • If prior knowledge is already available, the participant can be placed in an already running course at any time.
  • Participants with previous knowledge can take part in a free trial lesson. This gives you the opportunity to get a personal insight into the inlingua teaching method and the appropriate course.
  • The average group size is 20 participants (max. 25).

The cost

  • All eligible and approved participants by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees who have no income of their own or only a very low income can be exempted from the costs upon application. In the case of married couples, the income of the partner is taken into account.
  • All other eligible and approved participants from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees only pay a cost contribution of € 2.29 per lesson.
  • As a self-payer you pay a cost contribution of € 458.00 per module (€ 4.58 per training unit). The DTZ examination fee is € 120.00.
  • All participants pay for the learning material themselves (19 EUR per book).

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