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State-subsidized language courses at inlingua Kiel

Did you know that the state offers a variety of subsidies? Of course also for the language courses of inlingua Kiel! Whether it's an education voucher, an integration course from the BAMF or funding from the Federal Employment Agency: the individual case decides. Give us a call - we know our way around the "subsidy jungle" and will be happy to advise you.

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German integration courses sponsored by BAMF

If you live in Germany, you should learn German quickly. This is important if you need to look for work, fill out applications, support your children in school or meet new people. You should also know a few things about Germany, such as its history, culture and legal system. You will learn all this in the integration courses at inlingua Kiel.

Education premium

With the education premium, the state supports your professional development. The prerequisite for receiving the so-called premium voucher is a counseling session at a counseling center. The personal requirements, the exact goal of the further education and the requirements for the further education will be discussed.

You can find your nearest counseling center in your region here.

The counseling center will support you in all questions concerning the education premium. Some important key points can already be found here:

  • Does the course objective serve professional further education?
  • Are you employed and do you have a maximum income of 20,000 euros for single persons or 40,000 euros for jointly taxed persons?
  • Wonderful - then you have a good chance of getting half of the course (max. € 500) subsidized (possible every 2 years).

The counseling center will check whether the eligibility criteria are met and issue you with a personal premium voucher. Important: Get advice first, then register! You can use the premium voucher for courses, exams or certificates. As well as for all measures that serve to further your education. We will be happy to present our corresponding offers to you during a visit to our center. This project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the European Social Fund of the European Union.

Educational leave

Educational leave - paid time for your continuing education!

For our English courses, employees can apply for educational leave with their employer.

  • We offer educational leave for business English courses as well as general English courses.
  • As a rule, employees are entitled to 5 working days per year, but in most cases you can take one year's entitlement into the following year to apply for ten days at a time.
  • The employer continues to pay the salary during this time.
  • The costs of the further training are usually borne by the employee.
  • Educational leave must be requested from the employer at least four to six weeks in advance.
  • You will receive confirmation of recognition as educational leave from us.
  • The employer can only reject the application for important operational reasons.

Individual training with activation and placement voucher

The Activation Voucher (AVGS) can be used for language training for job-specific special skills in many languages. It is for participants of higher levels (B2 or C1) who want to achieve an individual and job-specific learning goal within a short period of time. The employment agency supports these courses with a so-called activation voucher, i.e. individual lessons up to a maximum of 160 U.-hours. inlingua Kiel is approved for this as a certified educational institution.


You have special professional requirements that cannot be covered by a group course, group courses in the language do not take place due to lack of demand, or you need individual coaching for job application situations.

  • 18 modules with max. 160 hrs. in max. 8 weeks in part-time training with 4 hrs. daily:
  • Module 1: Special knowledge in German
  • Module 2: Special knowledge in English
  • Module 16: Job application training in the target language
  • Module 17: Job-related coaching in German incl. job application coaching for salaried positions
  • Module 18: Individual coaching towards self-employment

Additional languages at beginner level or advanced:

  1. Arabic
  2. Chinese
  3. Danish
  4. French
  5. Italian
  6. Dutch
  7. Norwegian
  8. Polish
  9. Portuguese
  10. Russian
  11. Swedish
  12. Spanish
  13. Turkish

Please contact us for a free consultation to learn more about your options.

What our customers say about individual training

Lars, 47, Technical Support, English course at level C1

The English course took place in individual lessons with different, consistently competent and sympathetic trainers. Since English is the native language of all the trainers, I was able to learn a lot about subtleties and idioms from English that you probably don't get taught otherwise. Due to the compact time frame, one is challenged but never overburdened, so that after 2 months of intensive language training, I have the feeling that I have significantly improved my English skills in every respect. The organization also worked out very well: from the good learning material to the scheduling of appointments and friendly inlingua staff. The time went by very quickly. I enjoyed it very much!

Norman, 45, business graduate, English for Sales

The training: All 4 trainers are focused and I feel very well supported. The organization: I receive all the dates in good time and am informed of any changes at short notice. The material: The books and the online portal help, are very practical and easy to use. The results: My results so far are above average.

Tim, 35, physicist, job application training in English

My expectations were fully met, if not exceeded. The beginning with casual conversations in English made me skeptical at first, but working on tasks together soon showed learning effects. Schedule changes were communicated in a timely manner. Both the textbook and the trainers were competent.

German courses for the profession (B2 and C1)

The course is of interest to you if you

  • are aiming to take up a professional activity
  • are currently undergoing training or entry-level qualification
  • have to prove a certain language level for your professional license

Learn more

Internal BFD courses

We conduct the following language courses on behalf of the Career Center of the German Armed Forces:

  • English (Level A1 to B1)
  • German spelling and grammar (basic and advanced courses)

For English, please take a placement test and we will tell you which course is right for you. You can register via the relevant career center.

Sponsored coaching

  • You have difficulties to present yourself well in job applications and to market yourself professionally?
  • You are unemployed and need to reorganize your career?
  • You would like to start your own business and need support?

You can take advantage of our coaching services through the employment agency or the job center. inlingua Kiel is certified for professional reorientation in employment, job application coaching as well as for the accompaniment into self-employment. More information about the available coaching opportunities at Business Coach Anja Worm.

If you are unhappy in your job, read on here.

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